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The top Job

Full command of the Royal Navy is vested in Commander in Chief Fleet, CINCFLEET, who has responsibility for the provision of Force Elements at Readiness to conduct military and diplomatic tasks as required by Her Majesty's Government, including recruitment and training of personnel. CINCFLEET has responsibility for personnel, commando forces, ships and submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary in commission. CINCFLEET command is exercised through the Naval Command Headquarters, based at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth.

Your Job

Naval Command Headquarters is based in HMS Excellent with facilities in HM Naval Base Portsmouth, HM Naval Base Clyde and HM Naval Base Devonport. For further information visit the City of Edinburgh Council and the Ministry of Defence. An Operational Headquarters at Northwood, co-located with the Permanent Joint Headquarters of the United Kingdom's armed forces, and a NATO Regional Command, Allied Maritime Component Command Northwood (AMCCN).

Personnel and training command

The Royal Navy was the first of the three armed forces to combine the personnel and training command, under the Principal Personnel Officer, with the operational and policy command, combining Fleet Command and Naval Home Command into a single organisation, Fleet Command, in 2005 and becoming Navy Command in 2008. Within the combined command the Second Sea Lord, Commander in Chief Naval Home command, continues to act as the Principal Personnel Officer.

Royal Navy Careers

The Royal Naval Service Package

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines offer highly competitive salaries, and so much more than just money. The wide range of benefits and opportunities, which make the 'Naval Package' unrivalled in the employment market today, are shown here. The list is not exhaustive, but gives you an overview of what you can expect during a career in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines. For further details speak to your Careers Adviser or Liaison Officer.

Variety of employment

Within every branch or specialisation, Service men and women can expect to change jobs every 3–4 years.
This can involve moving to a new ship, an appointment in a shore base, a headquarters or even the Ministry of Defence.
Opportunities also exist to serve with other Armed Forces in the UK and abroad.
This wide range of tasks and responsibilities will build into a unique portfolio of experience which will help you to progress your career within the Navy and Marines and later, when you choose to return to civilian life.

Job Security

In these days of short-term contracts and rapid hiring and firing, the Navy provides unparalleled stability.
The length of initial contract depends on what branch of the Naval Service you decide to join.
Opportunities exist for those who apply and are selected for longer service. In all cases it is possible to leave after an initial training period of between 2–4 years.


The Navy is one of the largest training organisations in the UK, with a vast range of professional training courses ranging in length from a few days to several years.
The majority of courses are civilian accredited, allowing a seamless transfer of skills within the Service and beyond. Such accreditation varies from branch to branch but ranges from BTEC and NVQ awards to Foundation and further Degrees.

Through life learning

The Navy encourages and facilitates the personal development of its people, offering opportunities for study for GCSEs, A-levels and beyond, with excellent facilities for Information Technology training.
There is ready access to learning centres and specialist education staff in all establishments. In addition, a team of dedicated training specialists supports ships.
All Naval personnel have access to an annual education allowance.

Fitness and Sport

The Navy provides free access to high quality sports facilities in every shore establishment and in most ships.
Unrivalled opportunities exist, from inter-ship and establishment leagues to representing the Navy or even the UK at home and abroad.
Adventurous training courses could find you taking part in the Ten Tors event on Dartmoor, skiing in the Alps or even walking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Medical Benefits

Free and prompt access to full medical and dental care ashore and afloat.


Accommodation at sea is free, and living costs ashore are heavily subsidised.
There are two basic forms: Single accommodation in shore establishments or, normally close by, Family Housing for married personel.


30 days paid leave annually plus public holidays.


Whilst we hope that you will wish to complete a full career in the Navy, inevitably at some point you will leave and wish to take up a job in the civilian world.
A generous Resettlement Package, which provides up to 11 weeks (paid) leave and up to approximately £3,000 in grants, exists to assist in finding a job.
Access is free, and the longer you serve, the more benefits are available.


Whilst retirement may seem a long way off, the Navy likes to invest in your long-term future, and so provides one of the most generous and competitive pensions available.
The Naval Pension Scheme is noncontributory,index linked and based on your final salary.

In addition, a tax-free lump sum of three times the annual rate of pension is provided.