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Royal Navy: Engineering Technician (MESM)

The Engineering Technician (MESM) provides a vital role to the Submarine Service, by both operating machinery and ensuring the equipment that they are responsible for is maintained and ready for use at immediate notice.

They are responsible to the Command for the maintenance and availability of the Submarines Nuclear Propulsion, Electrical Generation and Ship Systems together with all Essential Support Services.

Key Tasks
Conduct maintenance, defect investigations and repairs on Submarine Systems including Nuclear Reactor, Propulsion, Steam, Power and Distribution Systems, Essential Services, Fresh Water Production, Hydraulics and Air Systems.

Operate all the machinery systems above.
Operate Machinery Systems as required.
Provide the Fleet with administrational and technical shore support.
Act as part of the ship's damage control and fire fighting team.
Conduct training for other Engineering Technicians.

Personal Qualities
To join the Royal Navy as an Engineering Technician (MESM) you need to be between 16 and 37 years old. Technically minded and highly motivated with a Key interest in electrical / mechanical engineering.

We do not specify entry qualifications. However, all entrants will be required to pass a series of selection tests, an interview, medical examination and fitness test. We encourage applications from everyone who believes they have what it takes to be a Royal Navy Engineering Technician.

The selection tests are designed to assess whether you have sufficient ability, practical aptitude, determination and personal qualities to embark on intensive engineering training and to meet the challenge of a Naval career. The interview will give you the chance to see if life in the Royal Navy is for you, just as much as it gives us a chance to see if you have the right qualities for the job.

Professional training
After 8 weeks initial Basic Training and 10 weeks Initial Submarine Qualification Training at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint, Cornwall, you'll continue your professional training at HMS Sultan at Gosport in Hampshire. Here you will commence an 18 week specialised technical training course to acquire basic craft and electrical/mechanical skills prior to first sea draft., were you will need to complete a Task-book and work towards becoming a qualified Engineering Technician (MESM).

Future Career Courses

Leading Hands Career Course – Training to further develop technical, craft, management and leadership skills with either a mechanical or electrical bias.
Petty Officers Career Course – Advanced technical, management and leadership skills with an electrical or mechanical bias, preparing the technician to be a head of section during their next sea draft.
Additional in depth specific equipment training e.g. Diesel Generators & Refrigeration Equipment will be provided to ensure sufficient knowledge to maintain equipment that the Engineering Technician is responsible for.

On Job Training (OJT):

Between each Career Course there will be elements of OJT, which is conducted as part of the daily routine onboard ship. This training enables the technician to broaden his core knowledge of maintenance and operating routines.
At the Able Rate and Leading Hand level, the Engineering Technician will rotate around the department to acquire a broader working knowledge of the equipment fitted.

Civilian accreditation:

Accreditation will be awarded throughout the career of an Engineering Technician on completion of different stages of training.
The levels of civilian accreditation are yet to be determined, but should give the opportunity to attain a foundation degree as a senior rate.

Promotion and Career Opportunities:

Promotion through the ranks will be via selection and training course at each stage, with the opportunity to reach Warrant Officer if educationally qualified. To be eligible for selection, ratings will have achieved set levels of competencies.
Opportunities for promotion to the commissioned ranks will be available if educationally qualified, throughout the career structure of an Engineering Technician.